Quinta DAbl de Baixo appears from a group of properties belonging to the couple of Abl with ownership of the property since the kingdom of, King Filipe I, on the XV century.

The idea of building an agroturism appeared in the year 2000... and during all these years it started to take form slowly, until, in November of 2006 the plan was finally rendered.

In this plan it was tried to respect the original architecture and the material used originally, from around the area. For the walls, it was fallen back upon the granite stone, wood for the roof, doors and windows; for the ground the option went for black blackboard or for the wood.

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Quinta DAbl de Baixo is placed in a slope, just over the confluence of the rivers Tmega and Douro.

It has a magnificent view essentially of the river Tmega and the dam of the Torrao. It is intended that the guests have the privilege of enjoying the calm and peace that this landscape transmits and that the result is serenity and peacefulness, While walking and discovering the more than 35 hectares of Quinta DAbl de Baixo.

Walk and enjoy the horizon, a view for the vineyards, several fruit trees and the rivers.