Quinta DAbl de Baixo is located to 15 Kms of Penafiel and 38 Kms of Porto.

How to find us:

Entre-os Rios is located near the Douro river, leaned over the mouth of the river Tmega, and it is a special case on the panorama of the human occupations of the county of Penafiel, standing out for its quality, originality and historical density.

Without going to far behind in time, we can say that besides the walled occupation of the Roman Era documented in Cto of Cividade and of the road that crossed the Douro river here, we reminde you that these old lands of Angia, with the capital in a high point of the place of Eja, were, in the IX century, headquarters of an important civitas that dominated an extensive territory far beyond the, understanding the nowadays counties of Gondomar, Paredes, Penafiel, Marco of Canaveses, Baio, Castelo de Paiva and Arouca. Strategically put on an indispensable penetration road, many of the castles protected by this civitas would become, starting from the XI century XI, head of the new lands, with that will be catalyst to the organization of this whole territory for centuries to come.

In the XIII century the nowadays place of Eja was still divided by Santa Maria's parishes, that covers the highest lands and the accentuated rural feature, S. Miguel, that left us the Romance-Gothic church, national monument and S. Salvador, beyond Tmega.

The place of Entre-os-Rios, leaning on noble mans will, that organized it in a couto in the first half of the XIII, attracting a hundred of new people, it was one of the rare examples in the Northwest of agglomerated occupation and street building in country side. Therefore they designated it as burgo or street.