Quinta DAbl de Baixo is composed of several old houses distributed by the property.
There are available 2 rooms with double bed and 1 room with two beds at the main house, the Fonte House.

In front of the Fonte House, are the Lugar House and the Penedo House, that make available 2 small 1 bedroom apartments with double bed.
The denominated group of houses with the name of Aveleira is composed by a V2 with 2 double bed rooms (House of Aveleira West) and two rooms with double bed completely independent (House of Aveleira East).

Total capacity of Quinta D'Abol de Baixo

18 people distributed by 9 rooms, 7 of which are composed of double bed and the remaining ones 2 with 2 individual beds each.

On the Quinta DAbl de Baixo still exists the Forno House (that supplies support to the enterprise), the House of Andeiro (for the employees), House of Ranhadas and House of Tojeiro (uninhabited and not integrated in the agrotourism), and there are other two Houses, House of Eira and House of Pomarinhos (where some members of the family live in a permanent way).